Greg Jones, Director of West Dallas Outreach Ministries

I am Greg Jones, a follower of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I wish I could proclaim this relationship from my birth, but the truth is I was a sinner, without hope.

Although I learned of Christ at the early age of 7, I grew up living without a plan or purpose. The story of his sacrifices had not yet taken over my life. Any problems that came my way, I fixed myself. I believed that all my successes were my own; I was a proud man, and I continued to turn to the world to provide me with the happiness I sought. This worked for a long time until I was getting ready to leave college. I wasn't aware that I was a train wreck just waiting to happen until then. I crash landed on a pathway straight to hell and I did not know how to stop.

I hit rock bottom and went through many trials and tribulations, experiencing much hurt and pain. Going through this time I was a sheep without a shepherd. I began to lean on the truths I had learned at a young age and knew I had to trust someone. So I began to call on a God that I barely knew. The Holy Spirit began to work in my heart and led me to the West Dallas community. It was there that I met my dear friend and now Pastor and spiritual mentor, Arrvel Wilson and his wife, Eletha. I began pouring out my heart to him, and he'd just listen. At the end, he just said, "Let's pray." During that session, I asked God for forgiveness and dedicated my life to serving Him.

Soon after, I shared with my wife what happened and together we began a process of spiritual reconciliation with the center of our lives given to Jesus Christ. My wife, Earlene, and I have been together since 1971 and are now enjoying over 40 years of marriage. The one thing God did immediately was set us free as one in Christ in His unity. We now are a model to our family: our daughter Kim, and three grandsons, Nathaniel, Noah, and Nehemiah.

God had a plan for me and He just patiently waited for me to answer His call to service for Kingdom building. I begin serving as a volunteer at West Dallas Community Church and have never looked back. I later accepted the responsibility of Outreach Director and have been serving in this position for the past 20 years. I am currently the Senior Deacon and serve in numerous ministries as we forge to make an impact in West Dallas and beyond to continue to build Christ's Kingdom. I am a missionary for Jesus Christ for HIS service to bring all glory to GOD.

Ministry Leaders:

Eletha Wilson - Women's and Children's Ministry Leader

Nancy Collins - One By One Ministry Leader

Barbara Lacy - Evangelism Team Leader

Mark Rusk - Youth Ministry Leader

Shanell Rusk - Youth Ministry Leader